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Hearing Aid

Hearing Aid.

Change a Siemens hearing aid battery (BTE)

The video explains how to change the battery of your Siemens BTE (behind-the-ear) hearing aid. http://www.siemens.com/hearing-aid-handling.

UK Independent hearing professional review, by Chalfont Hearing Centre

UK independent hearing aid professional Leon Cox from the Chalfont Hearing Centre in Buckinghamshire. The difference between a high street hearing aid ...

How to Eliminate Hearing Aid Feedback

http://earmall.com/theoriginalihear.htm How to eliminate feedback for the Original iHear hearing aid, available exclusively from EarMall.com for only $219.

59th International Congress of European Hearing Aid Acousticians (Day 3)

Hearing Aids at No Cost to You

You may be able to get a pair of hearing aids at no cost to you. Thousands of people are covered by their insurance for a free pair of hearing aids. This benefit ...


A video response to Carrie's video (http://youtu.be/FLtvonKE6Fk?t=1m55s) where she talks about how her mum's hearing improves when she's wearing glasses.

Whist iPhone Preview Video

Based on clinical research on sound therapy, Whist provides a flexible and easy-to-use interface for masking and residual inhibition of tinnitus. Each of Whist's ...

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